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Tucson, Arizona

Eat, Clay, Love: Creation And Intention In Ceramics

Illustrative image of a person holding clay with words eat, clay, love.

What is Eat, Clay, Love: Creation And Intention In Ceramics?

It is a workshop experience where you'll learn hand-building techniques, how to create functional and meaningful items, as well as some practices to support you during the creation process.

These workshops are for you if:

  • You want to learn a craft but are unsure where to start.
  • You’re feeling stuck in your current medium.
  • You’re wishing for a creative space to get to know yourself and genuinely connect with others.
  • You’re looking for a creative bonding activity for a retreat or group.

What will I learn?

In this workshop, we'll move at a slower pace than other ceramics workshops. We’ll start with beginner skills and intentionally get to know the materials. Along with learning hand-building skills, you’ll learn how to explore a new medium with open curiosity and how to manage any arising fear or doubt. Through working with clay in this way, you’ll get to know yourself a little better and have a new medium you can take in whatever direction inspires you.

What can I do with those learnings?

You’ll walk away with foundational techniques you can use to create almost anything! You’ll have practiced sharing and reflecting on your creations and the creation process. Lastly, my main hope is you’ll walk away with navigation tools for fear or doubt and you’ll apply these tools to your relationship with clay or any other creative adventures you embark on.

How long is class?

Class run time is approximately two hours.  

What should I wear?

Something comfortable you can wash in case you get clay on it. 

How many classes are there?

I typically offer single classes where we'll explore one technique and one topic that's relevant to the current venue space, seasonal cycles, or an aspect of the human condition. Occasionally, we'll dig deep into a topic or technique across two to four weeks.

Can I take my items home with me?

The intention of this class is to immerse yourself in the experience of being with clay. Ideally, you'll let go of your pieces for the first few classes you take. However, if you wish to take your items with you please bring a small container or box and some packing paper to take your creations with you. I’ll provide you with a list of places you can take your items to get kiln-fired.

Where is this class located?

This is a mobile class taking place in and around Tucson with the occasional on-the-road workshop. The location information will be listed when booking and sent in a confirmation email.

Why was this experience created?

My hope for you is to develop your own relationship with clay and experience the power in your own creative perspective. Solo crafting can feel like a solitary experience centered around mimicking trends, so in this experience we’re centering your own curiosity, ideas and exploration. You’ll connect with yourself, your body, and clay in an intentional way and hopefully enjoy the process of discovery each class.

If you’re a venue and interested in hosting this workshop:

Email at

Space-wise we would need enough tables or floor space for 8-10 people with 12"x16" boards. Ideally, there is access to a sink for some hand rinsing and water for containers. If no sink is available just let me know and I can bring water and rags.