Hi, I'm Saundra.

I create organic, tactile art to help bring home that, “just went on a nature bath” feeling.

When I was a kid, my family moved around a lot. My feet felt like they were never on the ground and I gradually lost connection with my body.

I often daydreamed about having one place to lay down roots and thankfully, I’ve found that in my art studio. While working with clay, I can slow down, notice the tiny details and carefully coordinate my movements.

My ceramic lights draw from this longing for stability and gently remind you to be with what’s in front of you. While sitting under the warm glow of a pendant light you’re invited to notice just how tasty your one pot stew is or the smile of the person across from you.

I often explore what it means to be a human and how our senses nudge us towards getting to know our plant, mountain and rock neighbors. Sometimes, I use rocks from a nearby hike to imprint a patterned surface texture or even grind up a rock itself and add it to a piece.

Due to the way the materials are gathered and applied, no two pieces are exactly the same. When you’re bringing home one of these pieces you’re welcoming in a moment that will never repeat itself.

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